A registered Australian charity, building and operating schools in Bangladesh since 1991. Donations made in Australia are tax deductible.

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Donations are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers!  


Help us continue bringing life and learning.

This web site was donated to help with third world education

We keep overheads low so your donation can go where it is needed - Bangladesh. More...


Donating to charity

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How to get a higher percentage of your dollars to the cause

We know you are concerned about achieving the most with the money you donate to charity. Here is how Fred Hyde Schools get the most out of every $ donated.

95% to the cause

Fred Hyde Schools are run by Co-operation in Development, a charity managed entirely by volunteers in Australia so we can send more of your money to the schools in Bangladesh. The percentage is an impressive 95%, under 5% goes to admin and this covers all Australian costs including bookkeeping, independent audit, postage, phone conferences, travel and insurance.

All our books are given free by the Bangladesh government and our volunteers are not paid for their time even when they spend weeks on the ground in Bangladesh. The web site is donated and it is hosted and maintained free. All of this helps us send your donation where it is really needed in Bangladesh

In our Bangladesh office we have only 6 hard-working staff supervising 52 schools and pre-schools and over 160 teachers. All staff are focussed on delivering education to the children .

Example – what donations can achieve

In 2016 we received an extra donation for our school in North East Rusalpur, a spot that is poor even by Bangladeshi standards. We received $12,500 to rebuild the old school for 300 students and $7,000 to add a pre-school for 50 little children. Our volunteer building supervisor stood on site and checked each step of the building work. The project was delivered on time and within budget.

The running costs for a school are $10,500 per year in total which is $35 per student for a whole year! A pre-school costs $2,700 per year for 50 students.

Processes are in place for supervision of schools to ensure they run to proper standards and in line with the Bangladesh curriculum.

This high cost-efficiency is a legacy of our founder, Fred Hyde, who set an example for us all of how to look after donor dollars – he lived like a Bangladeshi when he was there and never asked for western standard accommodation.

Transparent info

graph financial structure

This graph shows how much of the expenditure actually went to the schools versus administration in recent years. Source – 2017 audited accounts from Australia and Bangladesh.  Note - text books are provided free by the Bangladesh government. 

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What about any surplus?

When we have surplus dollars at the end of the financial year, this money is kept aside to cover any future deficit. Recently we saw how important the reserve is. In the 2016-17 year donations dipped below the ongoing cost of running the schools. This could have been scary! But the schools programs were all maintained and expanded using funds that had been kept in reserve. We are working to increase donations for the future.

The reserve is also important for disaster recovery if a cyclone hits Bangladesh.

Meet the team running the charity CO-ID
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The remarkable Australian.
At a time when his friends were looking forward to days filled with golf and a quiet beer, Fred Hyde had other ideas. Since 1991, Fred and his volunteer team have raised funds to educate over 100,000 children in Bangladesh who would never have had the opportunity to learn.. More...

the Vision
Fred Hyde Schools is run by volunteers. Schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania, actively participate in fund raising and sponsor school projects.

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