A registered Australian charity, building and operating schools in Bangladesh since 1991. Donations made in Australia are tax deductible.

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School rebuilds

It has been 30 years since we started to build schools on Bhola Island, and some of our earlier schools are showing signs of wear! The harsh salt air and heavy rainfall eventually corrode the corrugated sheets that the schools are built from. Turning problem to opportunity, we are rebuilding with higher standards.

These pictures show before and after shots of the refurbished East Jahanpur school (sponsored by Melbourne school St Leonard’s), and also stairs and new ‘bricked up’ walls of the school.

Each upgrade costs $12,500 and after that the whole running cost of a school for 300 children is $10,500.

The new upgraded schools will keep up the provision of education for many years to come.

before 5
after 6



before 3
after 4



Meet the team running the charity CO-ID
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The remarkable Australian.
At a time when his friends were looking forward to days filled with golf and a quiet beer, Fred Hyde had other ideas. Since 1991, Fred and his volunteer team have raised funds to educate over 100,000 children in Bangladesh who would never have had the opportunity to learn.. More...

the Vision
Fred Hyde Schools is run by volunteers. Schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania, actively participate in fund raising and sponsor school projects.

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