Pre-schools in Bangladesh

An exciting initiative

It’s never too young to start. It’s one lesson we have learned through the experience gained over the past 30 years of running schools in Bangladesh.

Now we are moving forward into the future with new educational opportunities for young minds.


Pre-schools are working

The first pre-schools on Bhola Island have been a huge success.

The young boys and girls are learning well
The support from Bhola Island parents is excellent
No more children who are too young in the primary school.
And of course, the kids are much better prepared for school after a year of pre-school
Demand is huge. Pre-schools work in rural Bangladesh.

Are you interested in sponsoring a pre-school? Let’s discuss. It costs $7,000 to build a pre-school and $2,700 a year to run it.

Pre-School Details

Locations: across southern Bhola Island in Bangladesh

Capacity: 50

Date built: From 2014 onwards

Cost: $7,000 to build and $2,700 per year to run

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