Adopt a school

It’s like adopting over 200 children!


Over the decades that we have existed, many Fred Hyde Schools have been built but over 20 have lost their supporter. If you adopt a school you will be going to the heart of why we exist – providing education. You will be making sure that the schools can keep providing education to the children.


If you prefer to adopt a pre-school then you will be ensuring that 50 little children get their education off to a flying start.

school lesson


Locations: across Bhola Island in Bangladesh

Capacity: over 200 children per school

Cost: $10,500 per year

If you adopt a school you go to the heart of our mission – providing education to children who would otherwise miss out. What more important thing is there to do in life?

More than 20 Fred Hyde Schools and two pre-schools no longer have sponsors. They are kept open through one-off donations we receive – and these go up and down from year to year!

Adopting a school means agreeing to support the school for a year or more. In return we are happy to put up a plaque in the school acknowledging you as sponsor and get you progress reports and pictures.

Adopting a school provides certainty to over 200 children that their school will remain open. It costs $10,500 a year which is just $50 per child for a whole year’s education!

It costs $2,700 a year to adopt and run a pre-school.

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