What we do

Our charity can build a school for just AUD$15,000.

A Fred Hyde School for over 200 children in Bangladesh for the same price as a 10 year old car in Australia!

$15,000 Australian dollars. It really is a life changing amount of money for the people of Bhola Island in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country two-thirds the size of the State of Victoria in Australia, has a population of over 160 million people, many of whom are illiterate. It’s a democratic country, at peace, striving hard to lift itself from its inherent poverty. It’s also a country that displays a high level of religious tolerance, with Muslims, Hindus and Christians working together.

There is an urgent need for primary education because education is the only sure path to sustained development and a brighter future.

We work on the remote Bhola Island in southern Bangladesh, the largest island in the Ganges Delta with an estimated population of over two million. This island is plagued by devastating flooding. Its people have had their homes washed away by the river, and have been forced to settle in this most inhospitable area, where even the basic necessities of the Third World do not exist. Only recently have roadways been built into the area and a power supply is still to be installed in the areas where Fred Hyde Schools operate.


Fred Hyde saw the need for more education in 1991.

In 1991, the charity Co-Operation In Development led by Australian Fred Hyde, decided to take basic education to the children of Bhola Island. Fred had been working the region for some years which gave him special insights into what the local people needed the most. The chance to learn.

Today, Fred Hyde’s team has helped to educate more than 100,000 children in local schools, built through hard work, grit and making every charity dollar donated count.


A simple lesson in local co-operation.


It costs $15,000 to build ONE charity school. It then needs $10,500 annually to stay running.
We make every dollar count!