Education keeps the world moving forward

The gift of education, providing opportunities to children who otherwise would have none, breaking the cycle of poverty. If these things mean a lot to you now, you can take them forward through a gift in your will.

You will also be solving a problem for us. You see, supporters often get excited about building a school which is wonderful but if they can’t manage the running costs each year the future for the children become uncertain.  You can make sure the schools continue to provide education to the children.

What better way to ensure that future generations keep on building a better world?


“Why put a gift in my will?”

“Our children and grandchildren live in a privileged society where education is taken for granted. I have let them know that I have put aside some of their inheritance to help educate those who are not as lucky as them. I have taught my children to not take their comfortable life for granted and I hope they in turn will teach theirs. I am an immigrant whose parents came to Australia for a better life, I want to give back to those who are most in need. Children deserve an education no matter where they are in the world, and the work Fred Hyde Schools is doing is making a huge difference.”  – Sue Walpole


Call Me

“I am the voice on the phone line for Fred Hyde Schools so you can call me to discuss your wishes on 1300 731 916 or email”  –  Sue


See for yourself

We can organise for you to visit Bangladesh and see the schools for yourself. It is a tremendous experience! You may even wish to bring your family if they are experienced travellers.


In Memoriam Sign

If you choose to adopt a school or pre-school then we will place a sign in the school as an in-memoriam acknowledgement of your support.


Ready To Start?

Here is some wording to take to your solicitor for your will.

“I give [……] percent of my estate to Co-operation in Development (Australia) Association Incorporated, PO Box 1061, Warwick, Qld 4370, Australia.”

Alternatively, you may wish to provide for your family members first and then leave the rest of your estate to charity. This usually involves fixed $ sums for family members in your will then wording like this –
“I give [……] percent of my residual estate to Co-operation in Development (Australia) Association Incorporated, PO Box 1061, Warwick, Qld 4370, Australia.”

Your solicitor may also need the following details –

ABN 81 974 700 535

Registered charity CH1324