A registered Australian charity, building and operating schools in Bangladesh since 1991. Donations made in Australia are tax deductible.

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Donations are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers!  


Help us continue bringing life and learning.

This web site was donated to help with third world education

We keep overheads low so your donation can go where it is needed - Bangladesh. More...


FREE education for both girls and boys. Why not?

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It may sound odd to us, but in this part of the world, girls still struggle to enjoy the same rights and opportunities taken for granted by boys.

We are striving to change the perception that education is wasted on girls and provide equal opportunities to both sexes

Our schools provide a free education system to all students. This also covers their stationery needs as well as other necessities. There's also no payment for exams and The Bangla Government provides text books free..

The mothers are also involved in the school committee. This encourages children stay at school even when they get to 9 or 10 years old, an age where many go out to work, not through choice but necessity.

When students leave the school, they find they are able to find work much more easily as they are able to read and write - sought-after skills on Bhola Island.

School Curriculum. What children learn.

• In Class 1 - students study Bangla language, Bangla maths, English language and English maths. Yes, the numbers are different in Bangla.

• In Class 2 - Social Studies is added, with an emphasis on history.

• In Class 3 - Science and Religion are taught. As most students are Muslim or Hindu each school can choose Muslim or Hindu studies.

• Classes 4 and 5 focus on bringing the students up to the level of the national scholarship exams - our students do extremely well in these exams

• Sport is also taught - soccer, skipping, cricket.

• There are 4 (very busy) teachers at most schools.

Meet the team running the charity CO-ID
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The remarkable Australian.
At a time when his friends were looking forward to days filled with golf and a quiet beer, Fred Hyde had other ideas. Since 1991, Fred and his volunteer team have raised funds to educate over 100,000 children in Bangladesh who would never have had the opportunity to learn.. More...

the Vision
Fred Hyde Schools is run by volunteers. Schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania, actively participate in fund raising and sponsor school projects.

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