Our Vision

Changing Lives, Building Hope

Creating equal opportunities

It may sound odd to us, but in this part of the world, girls still struggle to enjoy the same rights and opportunities taken for granted by boys.

We are changing the perception that education is wasted on girls and provide equal opportunities to both sexes

Our schools provide a free education system to all students. This also covers their stationery needs as well as other necessities. There’s also no payment for exams and the Bangladesh government provides text books free.

The mothers are also involved in the school committee. This encourages children stay at school even when they get to 9 or 10 years old, an age where many go out to work, not through choice but necessity.


School Rebuilds

It has been 30 years since we started to build schools on Bhola Island, and some of our earlier schools are showing signs of wear! The harsh salt air and heavy rainfall eventually corrode the corrugated sheets that the schools are built from. Turning problem to opportunity, we are rebuilding with higher standards.

These pictures show before and after shots of the refurbished East Jahanpur school (sponsored by Melbourne school St Leonard’s), and also stairs and new ‘bricked up’ walls of the school.

Each upgrade costs $12,500 and after that the whole running cost of a school for up to 300 children is $10,500 per year.

The new upgraded schools will keep up the provision of education for many years to come.