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CO-ID Australia is a registered Australian charity, building and operating schools in the third world. Donations made in Australia are tax deductible.


Donations are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers!  


Help us continue bringing life and learning.

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We keep overheads low so your donation can go where it is needed - Bangladesh. More...


Fred Hyde wins Queensland Senior Australian of the Year

fred at awaard ceemony

24th October 2014 - Fred Hyde has won Queensland Senior Australian of the Year. A tremendous recognition of years of dedicated work.

Please celebrate this wonderful award.


This Australian charity is bringing life and learning to Bhola Island in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh. 150 million people in a country two-thirds the size of the State of Victoria in Australia.

Everyday life is a constant struggle here, and the basic skills that we take for granted such as learning to read and write are for the fortunate ones - not for everyone.

For 30 years, our charity, CO-ID (Co-Operation In Development Australia Inc.) led by Fred Hyde, has been quietly building schools in one of the poorest areas of Bangladesh, on Bhola Island in the Ganges Delta.

To date, there are 41 schools and we have now built the first 5 pre-schools.

By helping to build the educational system and encourage the acceptance of basic primary education, we are creating a brighter future, using Bangladesh’s greatest resource - the children.

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Let’s Work for Bangladesh - giving back across Australia

Huge thanks to this new Canberra-based group.. They are fundraising and building support for us through the Bangladeshi community in Australia. Through local contacts and all the way to the top end In Darwin, charity fundraising has started and donations are coming in.


Meet the team running the charity CO-ID
The remarkable Australian.
At a time when his friends were looking forward to days filled with golf and a quiet beer, Fred Hyde had other ideas. Since 1991, Fred and his CO-ID volunteer team have raised funds to educate thousands of children in Bangladesh who would never have had the opportunity to learn.. More...

the CO-ID Vision
CO-ID is run by volunteers, led by Fred Hyde. Schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania, actively participate in fund raising and sponsor school projects.
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